Heartbreaking, combining the elements of drama, pain, guilt…acceptance and forgiveness.

chris mills, author of lighthouse legacies


Watch in the Night

The story of Pomquet Island’s last lightkeeping family

A book of

Creative Non-fiction

“They’ll Only Break Your Heart”


In the Company of Animals

Stories of Extraordinary Encounters

Pam Chamberlain, Ed.

“The Enemy You Killed”

on WWrite, World War 1 Centennial Commission Blog

But, why do so few Germans visit these last resting places of their countrymen, I ask… Isabelle once asked that of a German journalist and he responded that it is most likely shame that keeps them away; the shame of the second war bleeding backwards to stain the first.

“The Enemy you killed,” WWrite blog

The Chronicle Herald, Halifax,

Nova Scotia

Various articles and essays related to World War I

“The Place Where I’m From”


RED: The Island Story Book

Volume Twenty-Two

It came to me then, watching my brother crouch alongside his grandson before headstones pocked with lichen and worn with age, that this is what it means to be “from” somewhere. As we walked that row of graves reciting the names, family history came alive–not the least for an eight-year-old boy who had never known his great-grandparents, just as my brother, sister and I had never known ours. Yet, that day, we were all connected in one long line through those names etched in stone and by the soil we stood upon; through the stories we’d heard as children and by the ones we continue to tell.

from “The PLACE where i’m from” in RED: The Island Story Book

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Photos: Featured Image, “Flow” by Karin MacPhail Weber; “The Enemy You Killed”, The Chronicle Herald, Interview by Ruth Mukwana, and RED: The Island Story Book by Ruth Edgett.